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Birthdays & Why Do People Celebrate Them?

Posted on Mar 10, 2013 by in Philosophy | 0 comments

So today is my birthday.

Birthdays are becoming increasingly weirder. Getting older is weird actually. For one you are closer to death, you have less time left to live and with age it seems the amount of responsibilities that get bestowed upon you increases. Frankly, i’m not sure why exactly its a celebration. The fact that you survived another year?

After much thought I conclude that the celebration is to the fact that you were born in the first place. I guess it makes sense but I just don’t buy why you need to only celebrate that one day of the year. Sure, its THE day when it all began but really its not.

After further thought I conclude that its another silly cultural practice that makes sense to the average person and despite you not entirely agreeing  with it Рits easier to play along than to change the ways. Just like the silly song which I find slightly awkward Рthe weird tradition is a clingy one, it refuses to go away.

Time to retire.

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